Our Echo
Everyone has a story. What's Yours?


Everyone has a story. What's yours?

OurEcho is dedicated to capturing and sharing the individual "bits and pieces" that define our local communities. It might be a bit of interesting local history, an old photograph, a special memory or just a funny story. We are particularly interested in those fascinating and intriguing events/people (both large and small) that we all encounter as part of the human experience. It might be something that happened recently or something passed down to you through your family. Our goal is to provide a forum for local communities to share who they are through their stories and photographs. When you take the time to share these reflection with others, you help us better understand you, the world we live in, and if we are lucky, they help us better understand ourselves.

No direct compensation is provided to those that choose to submit pieces, however, we do administer a $100 monthly contest and numerous content specific contests. OurEcho also donates to a number of charities as a way of thanking those that contribute.

We hope that you will find time to contribute a story to our site.