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Increased Daylight Hours?

Story ID:4756
Written by:Carol J Garriott (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Seadrift Texas USA
Person:Carol Garriott
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Increased Daylight Hours?

Increased Daylight Hours?

Increased Daylight Hours?

Increased Daylight Hours?

What with the economy, the elections, and other preoccupations in the pre-holiday weeks, I had fully intended to write something solemn and timely. Unfortunately (or fortunately, as it may be) I pulled up my email before starting, and there it was. A news article with the blazing headline: “Daylight Saving Time: Why Did We Do It?” I had to read it.

You may want to go online and find the full article. It’ll have you rolling around like those Holy Rollers that Diane Wilson (local author) talks about in her new book, "Holy Rollers." Dated Friday, Oct. 31, the article is written by Andrea Thompson, Senior Writer, LiveScience.com.

With the annoyance of resetting all the clocks and struggling to reset our inner body timepieces, she muses about “why we bother with this rigmarole in the first place.”

She then proceeds to confound every thinking person in the country with this statement: “...some of the original reasons for resetting our clocks twice a year include ... having more daylight hours for retailers, sporting events and other activities that benefit from a longer day.”

Oh please. It doesn’t make a longer day--the number of daylight hours are exactly the same, we’ve just made our clocks show a different time when it’s daylight. Right?

After the fall time change, for a week or so, my cats think I’m getting home an hour late, up to who knows what. When I turn the corner to my house (in the dark), there they are, sitting in the middle of the street, anxiously peering into the gloom with suspicions I’ve lost it.

Here’s another paragraph from the aforementioned article that starts out, at least, with some merit:

“... Arizona likewise has not observed daylight saving time since 1967 because the extra daylight in the summer would just mean more energy consumption to keep the desert state’s residents cool.”

The above quote falls to pieces with the reference to “extra daylight in the summer”--let me say it again: THERE IS NO EXTRA DAYLIGHT! The amount of daylight is exactly the same! It just occurs at different times on the clock, because we have changed the clocks.

As to energy savings, let’s face it--us southern states have the AC on when it’s hot, whether the clock says 8 or 9. Or, for that matter, midnight.

If they are going to continue extolling the virtues of the time change, at least they could do so in some fashion that doesn’t insult our intelligence. Say it this way: there are more daylight hours after work or school, and you could indulge in some activities requiring an extra hour of daylight in the evening. This, of course, would only apply if you worked 9 to 5.

OK, so I have golfing friends who explained to me one time that in the summertime, after work, with the time change, they could complete 9 holes before it got too dark to see.

But did they do it? No, by the end of the day, with all that late sunshine, it was too hot to play!

I rest my case. Let’s campaign to stop the whole thing.