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Be Still and Listen

Story ID:4051
Written by:Carol J Garriott (bio, link, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Seadrift Texas USA
Person:Shannon Martin Hyle
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Be Still and Listen

Be Still and Listen

Be Still and Listen

Last night I walked out and looked at the glorious stars before going to bed. The world was quiet, no dogs barking, the neighbors inside ending their day. But what was that? Did I hear something?

Early this morning I walked down to the harbor, feeling the soft morning breeze. The sky was pink and pearl. Soon it would be sunshine in a brilliant blue sky. Seagulls squawked and trilled overhead, jostling with each other as they headed for the Bay. A great blue heron stood poised on a floating platform, watching for breakfast to swim by. What would the day hold, I wondered. We never know. As the gulls faded to the south, I thought I could still hear them. Wait, was that a voice?

Later I had a few moments and I headed in a different direction to the Bay. A brown pelican rested comfortably on a piling, feet and wings tucked in tight, basking in the late afternoon sun. Faint noise of nearby town and people barely intruded on my reverie. A brisk breeze ruffled my hair, rustling the palm fronds. I love these quiet times, communing with the wonderful creatures with which we share our world. I can let my mind wander where it will - - - There it is again, not quite a sound, but I “hear” something - - -

Of course, now I know what it is. Your birthday is this month, my darling niece, so I’m especially thinking of you. At these quiet times I feel your presence and am aware of you, maybe not actually speaking to me, but somehow I know your thoughts. You do not want me to be sad. And while I will always be sad that you are not here with us as before, I am everlastingly pleased, not only that I was privileged to know you, but that you are a continued presence in our lives. Being who you are, it could be no other way! You, too, loved the world we live in, appreciated the smells, sounds and sights of weather, flora and fauna. When we isolate ourselves a bit from the busy-ness of our everyday lives, we can hear.

I am so glad we had you with us for a time. I am so enriched for having known you. Your legacy lies in your lovely, wonderful children, your large, warm and loving family, your friends, all the people whose lives you touched during yours. You did not know the influence you had on everyone you met and knew. It is for us to remember, to record what we knew and felt, so all who come next will know you too. Thank you for your continued presence in my life. I loved you when you were here, and I love you still. Aunt Carol