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Good Morning Sun

Story ID:2739
Written by:Dorothy Masters (bio, contact, other stories)
Location:Harveyville Kansas Wabaunsee
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Good  Morning Sun

This and That Column
Good Morning Sun

As I looked out East early this morning I was greeted with the sight of a big red bloom just below the glow of the sunrise, such a glorious sight! It was nestled among the big green leaves with just enough light behind to illuminate its glory. I have tried for years to get that color of hibiscus plant and was not successful until I begged seeds from Jeannette Rowland.

The history of my hibiscus goes back to an experience I am not proud of! Yes, I stole seeds! I did it and explained later and received not only absolution but more seeds, but still not the color I wanted.

The first day I stopped to ask for seeds no one was at home but the name was on the door so I wrote it down to call later. On my way back to the car some dried seed pods were hanging over the sidewalk and I just reached out and gathered a few. That evening I called and admitted my stealing a handful of his seeds.

He said, “Since you stole some I will tell you how to plant them; stop again and I will give you more seeds.” He gave me mixed red and pink seeds as I had seeds from the white bush.

Rita Converse took some of the seeds and got many red blooming plants which made her laugh and feel sorry for me all at the same time; she dug up a red bearing plant and delivered ----- still no red blooms, just pink and white.

Hibiscus seeds are tricky so gardeners have told me; the seeds will not always come back the color you planted plus they change colors. Now, I know for sure!

Thanks to Lewis and Lora Lee Meeks of Osage City, my garden is full of color starting with their hibiscus seeds years ago. Their yard is a great example of what a flower garden should be! My garden is my therapy spot because of the excerise I get just to have the array colors. The weeds not so much! Lora Meeks tells me when people stop to see their garden she gives permission if they pull some weeds! Maybe I will adopt her plan.

While driving past Mrs. Rowland’s garden, I spied a red hibiscus so I conned her into saving me some seed. I planted them with care and transplanted at just the right time and this morning I was the proud grower of a bright red, plate size, bloom!

Dorothy Masters July 13, 2007