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Story ID:2709
Written by:Dorothy Masters (bio, contact, other stories)
Location:Harveyville Kansas Wabaunsee
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This and That Column

These small lavender flowers are perennial and if I am good enough at keeping the weeds and other vegetation from over-powering the area I will have a nice bed next year. Ruth Ferdinand gave me seeds the first time; they came up that year but later I was unable to control the weeds to let the next year’s growth get started; I had to get more. The second time, small plants starts were dug at Connie and Wayne Kimball; Connie called them miniature hollyhocks.

I will be glad to share seeds with you or let you dig some small plants next spring for some color in your garden if you like. It is so much fun walking around my garden and remembering the nice folks that gave me the starts of plants years ago but I still can not think of the kind person who shared the seed for the cleome, spider plants, with me. If you remember giving me that seed and are still around the area reading this, please give me a call and solve the mystery.

Weeds are the big problem, especially this year to say nothing of the water grass. The best excerise I get daily; the weeds got ahead of me anyway! Stop by and walk through the garden with me sometime soon before it gets hot and dry.
Like many of my other flowers they are re-seeding through the garden area which makes for good color throughout the entire spot.

My vegetable area gets smaller while the flowers over take the entire garden; that does not make me mad as flowers do not have to be cleaned, washed and preserved. However, they not as satisfying on the table as those good fresh vegetables! I do hear that many flowers are edible but I prefer to stick with potatoes, bean and onions with sliced tomatoes on the side.

As of yet, no red tomatoes at this house but I got my eye on them and knife waiting! Oh on my garden tour today, Monday, I saw some red color starting among the big green tomatoes. Boy oh boy!

Dorothy Masters July 9, 2007