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Dad's Pouting Stool

Story ID:2677
Written by:Dorothy Masters (bio, contact, other stories)
Writers Conference:$500 2007 Family Memories Writing Project
Location:Harveyville Kansas Wabaunsee
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Dad's Pouting Stool

This and That Column

Dad’s Pouting Stool

My father-in-law had a little home made iron stool and was often sitting in it out by the tool shed. When we drove in yard, I could tell the way he was sitting when he was pouting. My husband, Loren, thought I was strange each time I said, “Dad is sitting on his pouting stool!”
Loren would say, “You don’t know!”
I replied, “I will tell you for sure in a minute!” Then, I would walk in the house and his mother immediately would say, “That old man ____!” and a few choice words. So I knew in an instance, they had a difference of an opinion.
I hurried back outside to get close to Loren’s ear and whispered, “I told you so!”
When Dad died, I asked to have his little iron stool which they gave me and I painted it black and it has sat on my patio for all these years. It is quite a little ornament sitting close to my flower bed. The stool was made from the seat of an old horse drawn farm implement; it has short iron legs welded in three places to hold the seat level.
I have mainly used it when I freeze home made ice cream as it is just the right height for my crank freezer. It sets on the patio and is quite a conversational piece. Most people think it is too low to the ground and I tell them my father-in-law actually had shorter legs than I do. I must admit the last few years it seems lower when I attempt to get up from that position.
The little seat attracts kids and it quite often up seats them! Most kids today has had no experience balancing themselves on milk stools like I had the privilege of doing for the first part of my life on the farm. Milk stools only have one leg! There, is a stool most people today have not seen today.

Dorothy Masters
July 1, 2007