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Therapy Spot

Story ID:2591
Written by:Dorothy Masters (bio, contact, other stories)
Story type:Musings, Essays and Such
Location:Wabaunsee County Kansas
Person:Dorothy Masters
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My therapy spot is my garden early in the morning, at sunrise, if I get my eggs cooked quickly enough. Each morning for all of June, my pink poppies have been blooming; Aunt Nora Eastman gave me the seed over forty years ago. They were difficult to get started and I never have been successful getting them to grow in a row but they do quite well if left alone to sprout up in their own places of choice------ hence wherever they want to grow. The trick is to not have the tiller disturb their place at the wrong time for their development.

The spider plants (Cleome) also re-seed where they want to grow not necessarily where I want them. They start blooming as soon as the first poppies start to wither; the first bloom (pink or lavender) is about knee high and then shoots out another branch and bloom until they reach as high as my head, about five foot. I can not remember who gave me that seed years ago but I sure remember who gave me the old fashioned petunias that have been in my garden for many years. She was the greatest flower grower on Highway K -31 at that time, Myrle Taylor. I love my flowers and the memories of the ones who gave me the starts. Many of my friends enjoy driving by to see my garden during this time of year. Don’t look too close as it is never weed free but I try and that keeps me healthy and happy.

I am so glad to still have some of Aunt Nora’s beauty and I have shared seed with many flower lovers, even a nurseryman from Ottawa stopped one day to find out their variety but I had to admit I did not know but would gladly send him seed; which I collected and sent him later.

The worse part of my therapy spot is the extra foliage that I try hard to maintain unsuccessfully. After I have pulled weeds and grass for several mornings I take the morning off and enjoy another garden, today I toured the Garden House at Lake Shawnee in Topeka, Kansas. The rose garden started out small and was first called the Ensley Garden. You should see the improvement that has been done and especially this year by the Topeka Beautification Society and Shawnee Parks and Recreation crews. They are not done yet or maybe it will always be a work in progress but it is well worth your visit soon and again later when completed.

The winding walking path is up and down and close to the lake and around large areas with water ponds with flowing water from the lake and returning to the lake but the rippling sounds is there for our serenity and meditation. All kinds of flowers and shrubs adorn the garden with color galore with resting places along the way. I do believe I could sit, read and enjoy nature to the fullest all day. I feel sorry for folks who can not sit and enjoy beauty alone or with somebody as they commune with nature in gorgeous surroundings. Life does not get any greater that sitting on one the provided benches to rest and listen to the crickets and birds while watching the butterflies flit around the blooms next to the water.

The Wabaunsee County Garden Club members will start touring each other’s garden next week so I will see beauty galore. Maybe new members will join us and enjoy the scenery; Marilyn Blevins, club founder, had a nice write up with directions in last week’s paper.

Just recently an acquaintance suggested a health tonic as she felt so good a few minutes after ingesting some; I told her that is just how I feel after working in my therapy spot, my garden, an hour or so each morning and then an invigorating shower. After my therapy, I feel good enough to tackle the entire day.