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January 2008
Family Memories Writing Project Contest Winner - $500
Marlene B. Samuels for her post My Father's Number.

My Favorite Holiday Story Winner - $100
B J Roan for her post The Abandoned Tree.

Monthly Contest Winner - $100
Virginia Allain for her post I Am Missing You.

December 2007
Monthly Contest Winner - $100
Bill Frayer for his post Sam Going to Iraq.

November 2007
Monthly Contest Winner - $100
Ryma Shohami for her post Coming Home.

October 2007
Monthly Contest Winner - $100
John Ward for his post Salvatore Taranto, the Hero of Cefalu'.

September 2007
Monthly Contest Winner - $100
Virginia Allain for her post On My Grandparents' Farm.

August 2007
Monthly Contest Winner - $100
Zofia Danute Barisas for her post The Lizard.

July 2007
Shannon Hyle Memorial Contest - $100
Wanda Molsberry Bates for her post For the Love of Books.

Monthly Contest Winner - $100
Frederick William Wickert for his post A HIDDEN TREASURE.

June 2007
Monthly Contest Winner - $100
Diana Shellenberger for her post One Rejection Closer.

May 2007
Best Inspirational Post Winner - $100
Stacy Lynn Stiles for her post The Walk Of Life .

Monthly Contest Winner - $100
Michael Timothy Smith for her post The Tattered Bookmark.

April 2007
Monthly Contest Winner - $100
Kathe M. Campbell for her post My Saving Grace.

March 2007
Monthly Contest Winner - $100
Marlene B. Samuels for her post Sorrel Summer.

Feburary 2007
Monthly Contest Winner - $100
Kristy Duggan for her post All the Reasons Why.

January 2007
Monthly Contest Winner - $100
Susan Hammett Poole for her post Shiny Dime In the Toe.

Special Award - $100
Nancy Kopp for her post Finding My Mother .

December 2006
Monthly Contest Winner - $100
Keith Ready for his post A Different Perspective.

Special Award - $50
Shannon Marie Hyle for her post Falling in Love Among the Bookshelves.

November 2006
Monthly Contest Winner - $100
Dick Meister for his post Remembrance of Cokes Past.

October 2006
Monthly Contest Winner - $100
Jim Rambo for his post For Bobby....

September 2006
Monthly Contest Winner - $100
Toni Giarnese for her post Ravioli.

August 2006
Best Poem - $50 each
Catherine AimeeRuth Grainger for her post She knew.
Darrell Lindsey for his post Haiku.
Edie (Koch) Suarez for her post The Matter of Time and Money.

Best Local Legend - $50
CP Campbell for her post The African

Monthly Contest Winner - $100
Wanda Molsberry Bates for the first two installments of her "Wars and Rumors of War" series Wars and Rumors of War -- Part I -- Early Wars and Wars and Rumors of Wars -Part 2-WWII.

July 2006
Best "Only Here" Post - $50
Carol J Garriott for her post Texas Water Safari.

Best Post from a Foregin Contributor - $50
Bonnie Jarvis-Lowe for her post 'THE LAND WHERE HOPE WHISPERS'.

Monthly Contest Winner - $100
Barbara Elliott Carpenter for her post Dad.

June 2006
Best Family History - $50
Frederick William Wickert for her post ONE HELL OF A MAN.

Special Recognition - $50
Maria Harden for her post What My Heart Remembers.

Best Fiction Piece - $50
Robert Villanueva for his post A Stranger's Place.

Monthly Contest Winner - $100
Dick Dunlap for his post Winter Walk.

May 2006
Most Interesting Period Piece - $50
Renie Burghardt for her post - The Compassionate Enemy.

Most Interesting "Things to do" post - $50
Kathe M. Campbell for her post Dedicated To All Women - Especially Mothers.

Monthly Contest Winner - $100
Gail Lee Martin for her posts Mother's aprons and Clothes Line .

April 2006
Most Interesting Travel Story - $50
Nancy J. Kopp for her post Joe's Castle.

Most Interesting Letter - $50
Veronica Breen Hogle for her post Pvt. Patrick Walshe’s Frayed Old Letter.

Monthly Contest Winner - $100
Bonnie Jarvis-Lowe for her posts PATCHWORK MEMORIES and Will you save me the core?

March 2006
Diary/Journal Entry - $50
Yvonne K. Meckfessel for her posts Only On Loan and Does the Mockingbird Sing in New York.

Best Photograph - $50
Yvonne K. Meckfessel for her post Mule Drawn Float .

Monthly Contest Winner - $100
Darrell Lindsey for his posts They Called Him L.O. and The Pulse Of The Ages

OurEcho would like to recognize two individuals for bringing their enthusiasm to the site. Each will receive a check for $50.
Nancy J. Kopp for her post The No Name Sisters
Kathe M. Campbell for her post The Granny Hook

February 2006
Best Local History Post - $50

Phyllis Edgerly Ring for her post Simple Gifts of Shaker Legacy Live on in Canterbury

Best Biography - $50
Renie Burghardt for her post - The Last Pink Rose .

Monthly Contest Winners - $100 Each
Veronica Breen Hogle for her post Of All the Men I've Ever Loved
Renie Burghardt for her post - The Compassionate Enemy

January 2006
Monthly Contest Winner - $100
Edie (Koch) Suarez for her post - Mom’s Love